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Our products

Paper towels in sheets

We produce paper towels in sheets designated for drying hands after washing in restrooms in offices, hotels, restaurants, canteens, educational and medical institutions.

Standard size of paper towel (23 x 24 cm, 23 x 25 cm) ensures compatibility with most of dispensers. Usage of sheet paper towels helps to maintain a high level of hygiene and comfort of visitors. Towels are given unfolded, ready for use. Dispensers are easy to refill with paper towels, and ensure efficient use and control over costs.

Toilet paper in big rolls and mini rolls

Modern systems of toilet paper dispensers and expendable materials are an optimal decision to use in public restrooms in the places with high people traffic. They help to achieve big resource saving comparing to using of standard rolls of toilet paper.

The length of our toilet paper rolls ranges from 170 m (mini rolls) to 525 m (big rolls) with standard width of the roll - 100 mm.

Centerfeed roll paper towels

Multipurpose centerfeed roll towels, called as well kitchen towels or towels for cleaning, are widely used on the professional kitchens and staff quarters. They are also suitable for drying hand after washing in areas with high passability in public places. Towels extract from the center of the roll and can be dosed by dint of special dispensers that provide a convenient and economical use. We produce centerfeed roll towels of different lengths with or without hob.

Other hygienic products

We offer to our customers a wide range of hygienic products: toilet seat coatings, toilet brushes, bins, table and dispenser napkins and liquid soap with dispensers. We can supply all kinds of hygienic products which can satisfy all needs of the hotel and restaurant complex, office building, shopping and entertainment center, factory, school or medical institution.