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We pay a great attention to the growth and development of our production according to the market needs. Our manufacture is located in Moscow region - the largest in Russia consumer of professional hygienic products.

Currently the production capacity of our company exceed 4,000 tons of paper per year. We expand warehouse areas and logistical resources of the company. Fully automated equipment provides secure work places in manufacturing.

In our manufacture we use environmentally friendly raw materials of Russian and international cellulose and paper combines. The big rolls of paper base processed to sheet paper towels, toilet paper, napkins and central feed towels. During adhesion obtained the required number of layers, and after perforation and embossing product gets its own specific characteristics.

Each line of paper products with different specifications responding the high quality standards. The products designed especially for washrooms with high traffic provide the necessary level of hygiene and functionality at affordable prices. The range of higher price products is used in cases where it is important to ensure not only hygiene, but also maximum comfort in use.