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Toilet paper

As manufacturers of toilet paper, we can offer you a wide range of products to meet all necessary requirements. In our company you can buy a large or small batch of professional toilet paper with any length of the roll in the range from 170 m (mini rolls) to 525 m (big rolls). Standard width of the roll (100 mm) ensures compatibility with most of dispensers.

Modern standards of hygiene in public locations presume the presence of professional systems of toilet paper, consisting of dispensers and appropriate expendable materials. It is a practical solution with optimal appearance and comfortable use, providing the required level of hygiene.

We can recommend the most appropriate range of products for your institution depending on the pass ability and other important factors. In areas with large flow of people the use of toilet paper with maximum possible length of the roll is economically justified, as well as in the restrooms where it is impossible to provide frequent replacement of the rolls.

We can offer good wholesale prices for our production and you will get great benefits working with us.