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Paper towels

V-packed hand towels

V-packed hand towels in sheets are widely used in public institutions of different types: in hotels and restaurants, shopping centers, office buildings, educational and medical institutions, etc. Paper towels in bulk packs is an economical solution, providing a beautiful appearance of the premises intended for washing hands and a high level of hygiene. Polythene package protects towels from damage during storage and carting. Depending on the class of the institution different expendable materials can be used in the same dispensers: single-layer or double-layer paper towels. Dispensers are easy to refill, they provide high effectiveness of use and total control over costs.

Drying hands after washing

As you know, most of the visitors prefer to use paper towels to dry hands after washing. Electric dryers are harmful to the skin and contributing to the spread of bacteria. Finding no hand towels near the sink, people replace them with toilet paper, what significantly increases its consumption. The best way to provide comfort and hygiene to your visitors without increasing the level of costs is to install the dispensers with V-packed hand towels.

V-packed hand towels to be used with dispensers is a big separate category in our assortment line. This system provide an economical consumption of paper towels due to the special method of packing of sheets in the packs. Towels are issued ready for use unfolded in a form of a plane sheet.