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Centerfeed roll paper towels

Kitchen and cleaning towels

Centerfeed roll paper towels are a multipurpose expendable material and they are widely used in the kitchen area, toilets, staff quarters in hotels, restaurants, cafes and other public places. They are suitable both for drying hands and for cleaning different surfaces, providing a high level of hygiene and ease of workflow. They do not leave marks or particles on the glass surfaces and paper pieces on the hands. Their high absorbing ability reduces the time and effort spent on cleaning. High cleaning efficiency decreases the consumption of detergents and overall cost of expendable materials.

Centerfeed roll paper towels are optimal economical decision suitable for hand washing areas in places with high people traffic. They are also widely used in business and office centers, garages and petrol stations, medical and educational institutions and other places due to their versatility and performance.

Industrial paper

High-quality paper wiping material is a necessary element of the workflow. The efficiency of the process significantly increases when staff has the necessary tools, especially on professional kitchen and in catering.

Wiping paper and cleaning towels make the work easier and do not require large expenditures. They do not leave marks or stains on the glass and mirror surfaces. They have high absorbing ability and high cleaning efficiency.